25 Things I Love About You {Harry}

1: The fact that you still like mummy milk. We are unstoppable.

2: Your blonde hair. I always wanted a child with blonde hair.

3: The way you pose when I get my camera out. You could be walking a few metres ahead of me but you'll stop in your tracks, turn round and pose.

4: When you 'pop' on the potty you make me put it down the toilet.

5: How excited you get when you see a bus. I'm surprised you don't explode with excitement.

6: When we collect Charles from preschool you run over to him and give him the biggest cuddle, as if you haven't seen him for years.

7: Your dancing. You are an amazing dancer.

8: Your voice/accent. Sometimes we can't work out of you are English, French or Italian.

9: Your love of beans and oranges.

10: Your love of babies. Despite never seeing a baby before when you met our friends baby you were so gentle and you knew she would be upset when her dummy fell out, despite you never seeing a dummy before.

11: Your lips. You have the softest lips and your pout is amazing.

12: The way you say nose. You screw up your nose and say 'no-nose'.

13: You copy the boy in the video of your favourite song and dance with your fingers in your ears whilst singing 'la-la'.

14: Your love for LL from Mummy Daddy Me. If you see a photo of her (which we have to look at daily!) you go all silly and giggly and ask to give her a 'cug' and a kiss. I dread to think what you will be like if/when you meet her. You argued with me when I told you what her name was as you simply want to call her 'bubbee'.

15: How much you love and adore your brother. He's just bumped his head whilst walking down the stairs and you rushed over to see if he was ok and to give him a 'cug'.

16: The way you won't use the name of things, instead you call them by the sound they make.
Train- choo choo.
Cat- Meow.
Cow- Moo.
Snake- Ssssss

17: How you always make sure that if you have something to eat, Charles has something too. I always have to give you two of everything so you can give one to Charles. This morning you told me off for not getting Charles' drink quickly enough.

18: The way you flirt with strangers. You certainly love attention.

19: Your excitement at getting a prickle tickle from daddy.

20: Your love of horses, and how you want to look at them from your bedroom window, yet you freak out of we go over to see them.

21: When we go shopping you point out everything that 'niiiiiice' .You also tell me I look nice sometimes when I wear a dress, like you know I need to be told.

22: How cuddly you are.

23: How helpful you are. You like to help me clear out the dishwasher (although I don't really want you to) and you help me with the washing machine too.

24: If I sit down you just want to be sat with me or on me.

25: How you sometimes can't work out your words and end up saying 'daddy, mumma, daddy, mu, da, mu, dad, MUMMY!'

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