5 Essential Items For a Baby

When it comes to having a baby there are various different lists of essential items needed.
I have compiled a short list of 5 items I swore by when the boys were newborns.

Travel cot: When Charles was born we didn't have the conservatory set up as a playroom so all toys and baby items were in our lounge. We set the travel cot up in the corner of the room and at nighttime it became home to most of the toys and in the daytime was used as a playpen so I could hoover or just pop to the toilet. It was also used for naptimes once Charles had outgrown the moses basket/whenever I couldn't be bothered to fetch the moses basket from upstairs.
With Harry it was set up in the spare room/3rd bedroom whilst we were co-sleeping. He would go in there occassionally and again it gave me time to go to the toilet or have a bath, and even sleep along for an hour or so.

Muslins: These feature on every list I know but they are amazing. Perfect for cleaning up anything and everything.

Baby carrier:  Perfect for days when you have lots to do and baby doesn't want to be put down. Depending on the style you continue with your housework as usual. These are also perfect for shopping trips, especially trips around the supermarket, or days out where there are large crowds. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to fight your way through a crowd of people with a pushchair, so a baby carrier is perfect.

Baby bouncer/swing: I swore by our bouncer with both boys. Charles was the most happy in his if he was in the lounge, just sat watching us. He would occassionally nap in there too.  I would bring the bouncer upstairs and he could sit in the bathroom with me whilst I had a bath.
With Harry we actually had two bouncers, once which was kept downstairs and one upstairs. These were both essential, not only so I could get myself bathed and dressed but also because I had Charles to look after, bath and dress too. The bouncer downstairs was kept in the kitchen and came in very handy at breakfast, lunch and dinnertime.

Blankets: I have a drawer which is overflowing with blankets. I think you can never have enough. Different colours, textures, thickness and fabric are all factors when buying these different blankets. You need quite a few in my opinion. They are also great to keep in the car and to use to sit on if you need to make an unplanned stop to feed baby, or for picnics/playing in the park rather than a playmat.

When buying baby items it's essential to shop online. You are able to research different products, find out the full information on each item and even search for reviews.
It's a good idea to shop somewhere like www.bambinodirect.co.uk as you can find everything you need for baby in one place, at reasonable prices too, and with no need to shop around or worry about having various items delivered at different times.

I recieved a voucher in exchange for this post.
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