A Royal (Baby) Tea Party

Firstly, if you're not excited about the Royal Baby then stop reading right now, close this page down, and forget you've even read this far.

My husband and I are really excited about the arrival of the Royal Baby.
I was never really into the Royal Family until the Royal Wedding in 2011. My husband is a fan of the Royal Family so we had to watch anyway, and I was looking forward seeing the dresses, the Princes, the flypast and of course, the balcony kiss.
We had a little tea party at home, eyes fixed on the television screen the whole day, and my husband really enjoyed pointing out each Royal Family member to Charles, who is very much a fan of the Royals since then.

What with the Olympics and Jubilee last year we were sad that as a country we didn't have anything to really celebrate and come together for this year (other than the recent Wimbledon win of course!) and desperately wanted an excuse to get out the Union Jack Bunting.

To us, the arrival of the Royal Baby is incredibly exciting. Not just because babies are super cute of course, but because of the history and the important role he/she will be in line to fulfill.

So, it would be wrong to not use the arrival of the Royal Baby as a time to celebrate. We have already planned to have a tea party to celebrate and to hang up our Union Jack Bunting.
A quick tweet about our plans showed a few people would possibly be interested in joining in.
If you want to, host our own tea party (whenever you like), write a post about it, and then link up (on my tea party post).

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