Everyone Needs a Compact Camera

I am a photo taking addict. My computer is full of thousands of photos, in fact my husband has had to set up another hard drive (I think that's what it's called?!) just to cope with the amount of photos I take.
Days out, days in, new adventures, food, the boys, my husband, my cat, flowers, nail varnish, make up, you name it, I snap it.

I have two cameras. My DSLR and a compact "point and shoot".
I use my DSLR a lot, probably the most, but my compact camera is a permanent fixture in my handbag and gets used a fair bit too. I couldn't live with just my DSLR.

I think compact cameras are essential for everyone. The fact that they are compact means they take up hardly any room in a handbag or even a pocket, you can take it wherever you go!
You are guaranteed to not miss any special moments and memories.


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