Our Royal Baby Tea Party

Since the Royal Wedding I have been completely into the Royals. I always quite liked Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry but I got swept up in the excitement of the wedding, and the Royals and have been excited about them ever since.
My husband is a Royalist and suggested we have a tea party for the Royal Wedding. At the time I wasn't too interested in seeing the family members as they arrived so I was busy in the kitchen all day preparing the many courses we had throughout the day and popped into the lounge every now and then when something interesting happened (when Prince William and Prince Harry arrived for example, which made a heavily pregnant me break down sobbing as I could just imagine how proud their mother would have been if she had been there).
We celebrated the Jubilee last year, making an effort to get to local events and to have flags and bunting up at home. So of course with the Royal Baby due, a Prince and a Future King, it was obvious that we had to celebrate it too.

The boys have very much caught our excitement and love for the Royals and Charles asks who everyone is, he asks where The Queen is, and Prince Charles and was desperate for the baby to arrive and to see him.
Harry loves babies and thought it was rather entertaining that their names were mentioned a few times on Sky News.

My husband works from home and now tends to come in, grab his lunch and then take it to work. We planed that the day the Royal Baby arrived or the day after would be our Tea Party day and we would do it at lunch time, with him sitting with us.

We didn't go over the top. We picked simple foods. But it was lovely to just sit together as a family, with bunting up at the window, waiting to hear when the new Prince and his parents would be leaving the hospital.

I'm opening this up as a linky so we can have a sort of mass (or small, whatever) blogging celebration for the new Prince.
Link up a tea party or anything you've done to celebrate the Royal Baby.

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