Some Things That I Love #1

For a while now I've been wanting to join in with linkys again. I want to get some kind of organisation with my blog so that I post certain things on certain days but have found it all a bit manic recently with so many ideas that I haven't quite been able to organise anything! If you saw the amount of posts I have in draft you'll see how much of a muddle I am in!
Whilst having a search on Bloglovin' at stupid o'clock on Friday night (ok Saturday morning at 1am!) I was reminded of a link up I had read before and always meant to join in with because I loved the idea of it. But Why Mummy Why's Some Things That I Love.
I hope to be able to keep up with this and think it's the perfect post for Sundays to start or end the week depending on how you start or end your week. Yeah.

I am a little bit obsessed with Bloglovin'. It's an essential part of my morning routine. Check emails, check Twitter, check Bloglovin'.
I've discovered so many amazing blogs because of it and I love that I can list all of my favourites on there without having to scrawl through my emails looking for the subscription updates.
I think the next thing I need to do is to sort the blogs into lists so it's a little bit more tidy and organsied.
I'm on there if you want to follow me of course (my blog seems to be on there twice, make sure you follow .com not .se)
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The boys have always been close but in the past month or so have become even closer. This week they've been playing so nicely in the garden, chasing each other, going down the slide together and inside the house they have been dancing together and cuddling.
I love sitting watching them.

I bought a Soap and Glory Nude Eyeshadow Palette a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't normally choose those colours but I'm glad I did. I'd seen this palette recommended by Sprinkle of Glitter (one of my major blog crushes who I found via Bloglovin coincidentally) and thought I would try it.
I absolutely love it and have been wearing it every single day.
This is currently mine and Harry's favourite song. We listen to it around 10 times a day, if not more.
He dances like the little boy in the video which is so cute.
Obvious answer but these two:

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