The Little Green Sheep Mattress Protector {Review}

When we decided to move Harry into his own bedroom we had to purchase a new cot bed as Charles' one had broken (apparently they can't cope with the weight of a man jumping on them, who knew?!) we also decided to get a new mattress.
We couldn't believe the state Charles' old one had got into with just a year and a half of use.
We were surprised at how horrid it was as we used the disposable mattress protectors all of the time, and this clearly proved that they weren't as absorbent as we hoped.

I was given the opportunity to review an Organic Cotton Mattress Protector from The Little Green Sheep.
I was interested to see if it would be any different to the disposable ones we had been using.

At first I was impressed with the size, as it completely covers the whole of the mattress (70cm x 140cm), the only thing that would have impressed me more if it was in the style of a fitted sheet so I could guarantee that it wouldn't move underneath the bed sheet.

Harry isn't a big bed wetter (by that I mean with leaky nappies) so we had to wait a while until we were able to review this product properly.
He does occasionally take a drink to bed which will sometimes leak or spill in some way and the mattress protector passed the test when it came to this.

Then, after thinking that we would never actually be able to do the leaky nappy test we had a breakthrough. Harry sat on his bed after a bath, without having a new nappy on, and well, wet the bed. Now normally I wouldn't praise such a thing but I was rather excited and immediately checked (and changed) the bedding. Although it had clearly soaked through to the mattress protector it hadn't gone any further than that.

The mattress is still as good as new and I am confident that it will remain that way for a very long time.

The mattress protector is easy to clean and is machine washable and tumble dryer safe.

The price may seem a little steep at £29.95 but when you consider the material used, the fact that it works and that you'll save money on disposable sheets then you can justify that cost.
If we needed to we would purchase another of the mattress protectors.

I was sent a mattress protector from The Little Green Sheep for the purpose of this review.
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