A Norwich Date Day

Almost a month ago we sent the boys to my mums for the day and spent a much needed day together. We
were going to go on a lovely tour of a Royal building nearby but with tours fully booked we had to think up an alternative.
So we got on the train at 9.50 and headed over to Norwich. Once we got there we found a Costa Coffee and sat enjoying a view of the river, eating a pastry each and a latte.
One thing we haven't done is to visit the Cathedral, and with nothing really planned today we decided to go and have a look around.
There was a service going on at the time so we looked at the other areas and were left stunned by the beauty of it all. I was going to include more photos of the Cathedral here but it deserves a post of it's own.

We then decided to go and get a drink from somewhere. We headed to Giraffe and chose a cocktail from their menu. We were slightly disappointed at first as these exciting flavours were quite boring in the sense that we couldn't taste the alcohol, we were pretty much convinced that we had been conned...until half an hour later when we started giggling when we popped into the shopping precinct. We then realised that there was alcohol in the cocktails afterwards.
Then it was time for food. We had booked a restuarant but we were delayed after our cocktail drinking and with it being nearby we instead tried to get into Yo Sushi, which just happened to be packed, so we thought we could just turn up at the place we had booked and apologise for being late.
On the way there though we went past a Cuban restaurant. I'd noticed it before and thought the menu looked interesting and before I knew it we were out the back sat with a menu choosing which Tapas we wanted.
We had a wonderful time here, just talking, drinking Mojitos, Daquiris, and Rum. And at this point my husband offered to treat me to a dress I had seen at Joules on the way there.
Our tapas took an hour to get to us, in which time we were a bit fed up so decided to not then order a main and instead head to Yo Sushi again. The tapas were amazing, but we just didn't want to face another hour long wait for more food.
We went via the Joules shop and I left a very happy girl with one of my dream dresses (the boat dress as featured in one of my lust lists).
We got a booth straight away at Yo Sushi and after a couple of dishes we were full and decided to get the train home. 
We had enough time to walk back via the Cathedral, this time managing to have a walk inside. 
If you are ever in Norwich you must take a look around the Cathedral, it is truly beautiful.

Arriving back in our home town we stopped off for a drink in a bar on the way back to our house.
My feet had been hurting for a while so I decided to take my boots off and walked home clutching onto them and just walking in my tights. 
It wasn't until I got home and put my pjs on that I noticed the extent of the damage my boots had caused to my feet. Blisters. OUCH!
It was a really wonderful day and I loved having my husband to myself. Enjoying each others company, having a drink together, sharing our food.

Tonight we are off to a theatre in the forest and I simply cannot wait to have that quality time with my husband, snuggled in the woodland watching Shakespeare.

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