A Two Year Review

When we found out we were having another boy I worried that things might be too similar to what we had previously experienced with Charles.
Obviously everything would be the same. They would crawl at the same time, walk at the same time, talk the same, do everything the same. Look the same. Right?
I love that their looks are different, yet they have similar features and similar expressions.
Their bodies are completely different. Charles is very slim and Harry is chunky. Charles has darker hair, and Harry is blonde.

In terms of development, things have been different too.
Harry sat unaided at 21 weeks, Charles didn't sit unaided until around 6 months, he could crawl before he could sit unaided. Harry crawled a month later than Charles and walked a month later than Charles.

Speech has been the biggest difference between the two.
Charles was having clear full conversations at around 18 months. Harry isn't like that. He says lots of words, and has his various conversations. But a lot of it only we understand, and some we can't make out what he is saying and we have to guess until he tells us we are right.
I tried to relax about it, keeping in my mind that 'every child is different' but when you see and hear other children's speech you can't help but wonder if your child is behind. Does he have a problem with speech? Is it something I have done wrong?
It also doesn't help when friends comment and say "he doesn't say much does he?" or "I can't understand a word he's saying".

As a result I was nervous of his two year review. I didn't want to be told that my child was behind, that I'm not teaching him enough, that he may need speech therapy.

With a lot of faffing with the appointment we didn't see the nursery nurse we were supposed to see but instead we were "given" to the Health Visitor. I was so grateful. Despite looking scary she was SO supportive.
We talked about speech and she said children at this age are expected to say half a dozen words to full on conversations. She could see he understood things I was asking him, and heard him talking and could see he was trying. She told me to stop worrying and that if I didn't feel any more confident about his speech in September then I could pop by to the drop in centre.

After her words of reassurance, and she is a professional after all, I've realised I need to relax more.
Ok, there are things I could have done to improve Harry's speech. I became lazy second time round because I was so used to having a child who spoke to me all the time that I forgot that there was this little one that needed to learn too.
And he is getting better.
Every week he has a new word or three.

And this week he has learnt "BRAINS" in a zombie stylee. There is nothing quite as unsettling as a 2 year old boy rushing towards you growling and saying "brains" in quite a scary voice.
Who needs to have a million words and to be able to communicate with sentences when they can imitate a zombie and have the best dinosaur roar ever?!

In September I have him signed up to try out a Tumble Tots class and will make an effort to take him to some toddler groups. I'm not going to worry myself about the adult interaction and put pressure on myself to make friends.
I need to do it for Harry. For him to have interaction with other children, learning to share and queue and be patient.

It's probably the only positive to Charles going to school, Harry will now have time to really grow and blossom and develop. I can get to know him more and realise what he needs help with and what he doesn't.

At the moment I won't take him to the speech therapy dtop in centre, but with it being a monthly thing I know I can take him anytime I feel I need to.

Walking away from the appointment I felt a massive sense of achievement and a weight lifted from my shoulders.
Full of pride of my littlest boy.
Who is doing just fine.

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