Beanies Instant Coffee {Review}

One thing I can't go a day without is coffee. It was only when I was pregnant with Harry that I started to appreciate coffee, thanks to tea which set off my morning sickness.

I was recently offered some Beanies Instant Coffee to review. My first job was to select which flavours to choose. I went for Irish Cream and Rich Hazelnut and was sent a surprise 3rd jar, which was double chocolate.

If we have a takeaway coffee I tend to get a dash of hazelnut syrup so I had high hopes for this flavour, Irish Cream is my special treat mainly at Christmas but if we have any Irish Cream in the house then it is the law to have at least one cup of coffee with it in.

As soon as you open the caps on any of the flavours you are immediately hit by the most amazing fragrance. The coffee plus the smell of the additional flavour is quite strong but not at all overwhelming. In fact I now want candles in the exact same scents.

I went for the Double Chocolate flavour first and although I'm not a big chocolate fan, I really liked this. The smell of the chocolate was quite strong but when brewed the taste wasn't as strong, which for me was a good thing.
The Rich Hazelnut coffee also didn't disappoint and tasted better than the takeaway coffees with added syrup.

My mum was the one to try the Irish Cream flavour, and although the smell was amazing she wasn't blown away by the flavour. She found it to be a little too strong and asked for sugar to be added (she doesn't normally have sugar).
With this in mine I thought I would experiment a little and make one of my Frappucinos using this coffee. It worked SO well that I don't think I'll ever make a Frappucino with "plain" coffee again.

I would buy these flavours again, and will also be trying some of the other flavours, especially as I've just seen that Sainsburys stock them! I think next on my list to try is Cinder Toffee.

One 125g jar of Beanies Instant coffee costs £2.75.

I was sent these jars for the purpose of this review.
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