Motivational Monday #3

This weeks quote has been sat in my drafts folder since Britmums Live. I was going to do a write up of some of the sessions I attended and wanted to simply use particular lines I had picked up which had stuck with me.
But I felt this one was too strong to be used along with however many others.

I was just charging my phone and happened to be sitting in on the Working with Charities session on the Saturday. It was the last session I attended and although I joined halfway through I learnt a lot, mainly because of simple yet effective sayings like the one featured below.
And the panel talking sense and being helpful.
Michelle, Mummy from the Heart,  said the following...

I think a lot of the time we think we can't make a change, we can't help people, we can't fix big things, we can't stop things from happening.
We are just a small tiny speck in a massive world.
BUT we may not have the following and the contacts and the massive presence as Bono and Bob Geldof, but we can.

As much as this quote suits blogging, and charity blogging, I think we can apply it to many areas in life.

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