Quick and Easy Potato Salad {Recipe}

Whenever we had barbeques or picnics as a child my mum would always make potato salad, and homemade coleslaw. And both of these have now become something I like to make if we are having guests over for lunch or a barbeque (which rarely happens now but anyway).

Today (Saturday, when I'm writing this) is my sister-in-laws husbands 40th birthday and we are heading over to theirs for a barbeque birthday.
As requested I have made my potato salad ready to take along.
It's so simple and easy to make and I thought I would share the recipe.

It's quite difficult to give exact ingredients, as I make it up as I go along adding whichever herbs I fancy but the main ingredients are potatoes, mayonnaise and chives.
This time I also used some sea salt and black peppercorns which I ground using my Pestle and Mortar.
I also spotted some marjoram in the cupboard and used some of that too. I love that you can just add any ingredient you like, it's a great way to use up store cupboard herbs and also some salad items from the fridge, spring onions in particular work well with this.
In terms of how much to use, it's up to you. You can make it as herby, as peppery as you like.
I usually use a low fat mayonnaise but for potato salad I find it doesn't taste as good so use the normal stuff.
My sister-in-law isn't a fan of mayonnaise but will quite happily eat this. It's THAT good.

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