The Best Time

I posted on Tuesday about The Day That Never Gets Easier .
Well, it seems that I may have posted that a little prematurely as my amazing twinnie went to the train station that morning to change his train ticket, again. He had already done it once before during this visit changing his Sunday ticket for a Tuesday one.

We have had such a fantastic two weeks. And I think as a result this may be the hardest goodbye I've had to do.
A couple of times we've skipped the goodbye and he has just left, without coming to see me, which is good for both of us. Good, but still incredibly hard.
And I can't guarantee that I'll hold it together today.

My feelings of lonliness were gone.
I felt confident when I was out because I know if anyone turned their noses up at my children, or at me, that he would have my back.
I've been able to take the boys to the park, knowing he can watch one whilst I watch the other. And he can help Harry on the twirly twirly slide.
I just liked having him near. Knowing where he was.
Knowing he was ok.

I hate today.
But I love him.
And I have had the best time.


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