Back to School Giveaway: Scootaheadz.

Charles starts school this week. THIS WEEK. Not next year, no no. THIS WEEK.

As a result, in my head, I am planning lunchboxes, a laundry routine making sure everything is washed and ironed in time, and how we get to school.

I can imagine the mornings being rushed. Charles is quite relaxed and doesn't feel the need to get ready in a hurry so I am expecting lots of rushed car journeys to school but I really want to make an effort with exercise for all of us so hope to walk to collect him, and will occassionally take his scooter.

Over one million children in the UK ride scooters, and I can imagine us being overtaken by a few during the school run.
And what better way to make your scooter stand out from the crowd than to accessorise it with a pony or dinosaur head from Scootaheadz.
These all-weather friends ride on the T-bar of scooters, personalising them and making them a whole lot of fun.
Scootaheadz are available to buy from Jojo Maman Bebe for £14.99.

I am giving my readers the chance to win either a pony a dinosaur from Scootaheadz. All you need to do to be in with a chance to win is to fill in the Rafllecopter form below.
You can choose between:
Danny Dino - The Green Dinosaur
Timmy T Rex - The Blue Dinosaur
Lovely Lola - The Purple Pony
Pippa Pony - The Pink Pony

Once you've entered this competition, why not head over to Lilinha Angel’s World to be in with a chance to win a Bandino.A Bandino is a funky, personalised cu band helping to identify your childs drinks bottle or cup at school.

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