Capture The Colour Competition: Charles' Entry

Following the success of last summer's photo blogging competition Capture the Colour, Travel Supermarket teamed up with Venture Photography to launch 'Kid's Capture the Colour', an exciting challenge for children aged 15 or under to get creative and photograph the world around them.

Charles has always been into photography, and regularly amazes us with the photos he takes. If I ever need photos of me taken for my blog I tend to ask him to take them. It surprises me how well he is able to set up his shot, get the focus right, and get us at the right level.

We were delighted to be chosen as one of the 100 participants to recieve a camera from Travel Supermarket.
When we went on holiday I gave Charles my DSLR to capture his own images. When we got home I put his photos into a seperate folder and have asked him to select which photos he wants to enter for each category.

Charles picked this because it is white and was really funny and looked like a massive swan.
I like this because, although the focus is on the tree, he still managed to make the swan a focal point. He is like me in that he doesn't like to get the main subject in the dead centre of photographs (we both love a bit of negative space). This Swan Boat was on the lake when we hired out a pedalo for an hour. Seeing these in the distance was quite funny, if you couldn't see the people on them, as they genuinelly looked like massive swans on the water. It was slightly unnerving as the lake had an eerie feel to it anyway.

Charles picked this because: It's fire and the fire is yellow, and we had this on the table every night when we sat out there to keep the naughty flies and wasps away.
I like this because it sums up our evenings on holiday. Wasps were coming over and causing us all to flap our arms, and I was bitten by a couple of Mosquitos so we bought this candle, it seemed to work.
I love how Charles has got the focus completely right, and how the image isn't completely straight. Again, he has his mummy's style of breaking the rules and trying different angles.

Charles likes this because: Mummy painted Harry's toes in her blue nail varnish and it was funny. His shoes are blue too.
I like this because it reminds us all of holiday. I was painting my nails and my husband sat next to me with Harry. He asked to have his toes painted and I went to, for a laugh, expecting my husband to pull his toes away, but he let me do it. Harry showed everyone his toes and actually looked really sweet with them painted the whole week.
This was also taken whilst we were on the lake, so although you can't see it in this photo, we were surrounded by blue water and the most beautiful clear blue sky.

 Charles likes this photo because it is green and green is my favourite colour and it looks sparkley like glitter.
I like this photo because when I first got my DSLR I tried for ages to get the perfect Bokeh, and here my 4 year old son gets it without even trying. 
Ok, it's not in focus, but the fact that it sums up our holiday and being surrounded by green with the sunlight shining through the trees is enough for me to feel it worthy to be entered in this category.

Charles likes this because it was taken in Belgium and mummy really liked this door.
I like this because it was a big, heavy, wooden door we walked past when we were in Bruge. We went past so many beautiful buildings and doorways and I loved this letterbox. I looked at it for a while and Charles asked if he could take a photo of it, walked up the two steps and captured this.
I was impressed.

When we look back on these photos they really tell the story of our holiday. I'm so proud of my boy.

We were sent a Fujifilm compact camera for the purpose of this competition. All photos are our own.
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