In Bruges, In Love.

As we departed Center Parcs on the Friday and headed towards the Eurotunnel in France we decided to go via Bruges. My sister in law's husband mentioned wanting to go there and the film, which I'd heard of, but I didn't really know much about the place.

Driving through I fell in love already. We passed some amazing shops, and a beautiful flea market which I'd planned on going to because I spotted a vase with my name on it but following the crowd meant we didn't go near the market, which I was disappointed about.

I want to go back there for a proper visit. We were really limited with time so didn't get to have a proper look around, but from what we did see, it was amazing.
I definitely want to revisit sometime to get a better look, and to explore the shops some more.

We ate at a really lovely restaurant and took advantage of a meal package they had.
For 30Euros we had Escargot, Mussels and then for me it was a small bowl of Dame Blanche (which was my dessert choice every day whilst at Centre Parcs).
I also ordered a medium glass of a speciality Blonde beer. Little did I know a medium glass is quite large! It was well worth it though, and my husband was extremely jealous that I was able to sit in Belgium drinking Belgian beer whilst he was stuck drinking coke.

I really hope we can visit again. It felt like a very special place.

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