LEGO Lunchbox and Drinking Bottle {Review}

We made the decision to send Charles to school with a packed lunch every day. When I went to school I had a mix of packed lunch or hot dinners, and after experiencing the school dinners at his Primary School I thought that a packed lunch would be better for him.

We had already purchased a Dinosaur lunchbag for him but I had been looking for some kind of container to put inside the lunchbag.
We were asked to review the LEGO Lunch Storage Box and LEGO Drinking Bottle which was kindly sent to us by STORE www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk.

The LEGO storage box is really robust and a fantastic size to fit everything necessary in. It also fits perfectly into our lunch bag.
Charles does struggle slightly will opening it because he only has small hands, so it might be more suitable for older children. Still, after a bit of practise he gets there.
With a variety of colours available from green, yellow, pink, blue, white red and black, it will suit any child with a favourite colour obsession. 

There are various items you can purchase to make the storage box even better. These include additional smaller boxes to store lunchbox treats such as raisins, nuts, or even the odd bag of Animal biscuits.
There is also a LEGO drinking bottle. 
We love this bottle. It is easy to clean with a removable base, and the head (lid) is easy to unscrew and screw back on.
It is quite tall and slim but fits a lot of water or juice, and is available in a variety of colours also.
Charles can't use the bottle for school as I like to send him with a sports bottle but we use this as his juice treat once he gets in the car after school.
The drinking bottle costs £9.00 and the Lunch box also costs £9.00.
Suitable for school lunchboxes and also for LEGO fan adults, this range is perfect to make lunchtime exciting and fun.

We were sent the lunchbox and drinking bottle for the purpose of this review.
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