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There is no doubt in my mind at all, Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, when it comes to fashion at least.
As much as I love maxi dresses you can't beat the feel of thick tights against your legs, worn with a short skirt, basic tshirt and chunky cardigan, or indeed teamed with a short dress and a chunky knit cardigan. All worn with nice winter boots, yes, more often than not these boots will be Uggs.

I've always been quite a rebel and will wear summer dresses in the autumn and winter, just with the addition of thick tights. I don't like limiting my wardrobe to certain seasons and as a result really feel like I get lots of wear out of my clothes.

I like that a simple accessory, a scarf, a necklace, a hat, or a bag, can change an outfit so much.
A black dress for example, suitable for any season, but a scarf can change it from a summer look, to a winter look.

I own a lot of scarves. A LOT. I think an oversized scarf is essential and that everyone should own one, well three at least.

At the weekend I went to our local Outfit store, you can see why I shop here by looking at my Google Plus album, and stocked up on 3 key Autumn essentials.
I went with a clear plan in mind. Imagining a plain black dress, and three things I could buy to change the outfit.

I thought of colours.

These really scream autumn to me. I don't really wear a lot of red, but recently bought a couple of dresses which have red stripes in them so have been looking to introduce red accessories in somewhere. I also have a red lipstick and sometimes I think a red lipstick needs something else to tone it down as it is quite a statement.

My obsession with over-sized cardigans began in 2007 when I first became obsessed with Holly Willoughby.
I saw her wearing one and did all I could to find that exact one. I succeeded.
I've also been obsessed with over-sized scarves since I started breastfeeding in 2009, at this point over-sized scarves became essential. Again, I think every single breastfeeding mother needs to own one as not only do they help to make breastfeeding discreet, they also help to hide any leakages.

I went shopping with this clear plan to get a scarf that was different to any others I own. I am good in that I won't buy two of the same colour unless if they are REALLY amazing.

I've actually been looking at this scarf for well over a month now and finally decided to buy it. 
I think it really sums up Autumn. The colours match my colour palette above perfectly, and the fact that it is oversized will be sure to keep me snug and warm.
I have scarves with cream and black but none which have red as one of the main colours so it was something a little different for me.
I was blessed with a short neck, so I'm limited with a lot of the accessories I can wear. A lot of chunky or fussy necklaces don't suit me and thinner scarves just don't really seem to work so well and do draw attention to it.
I didn't think an oversized scarf would help matters but I think it really flatters me and is great at hiding something I feel slightly self-conscious about. 
Also, as a curvy lady, (curvy...fat...same thing) a patterned oversized scarf can help to draw the eye away from my problem area (being my tummy) and draw the eye further up.

I also bought this pack of 3 tights. They include black and then two different shades of purple. I think the purple tights are great to breakdown an all black outfit and the shades are quite subtle.
I also think these shades in particular are quite slimming.
I planned to buy some jewellery but then these caught my eye. I am always in need in socks and these ones were perfect for the Autumn season. 
I think the Woodland animals theme is really cute, especially in Autumn. I wear socks over the top of tights sometimes, especially if I have a hole in the toes in tights, I hate wasting a pair so socks are a great fix.
These were on a 3 for £6 deal so I bought the hedgehog/love heart design, the owls and the foxes. 
So those were my three, as I said I set myself a clear plan of three items to accessorise. I left the shop and then.....returned because a snood caught my eye and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.
I loved the 'camel' colour and the heart design (which I've noticed is a designers favourite from the blog posts and articles I've seen surrounding Fashion Week). 
I have stayed away from snoods in the past because I didn't know quite how to wear them, but this fabric is heavy, although not heavy like a knitted snood, and the length is perfect to wear with a dress or with a jacket.
The colour at first seemed a little 'dirty' if that makes sense, but after thinking about it (constantly) I figured that I was supposed to be challenging myself, stepping out of my comfort zone of bright colours, and going for something different.
I also thought it complimented my blonde hair and made my skin tone look a little warmer.
 I'm really looking forward to the next couple of seasons with my new, well suited,  accessories.

Camel and black heart snood: Dorothy Perkins: £9.50
Navy toe fox socks: Dorothy Perkins: £2.50
Grey Hedgehog Socks: Dorothy Perkins £2.50
Grey Toe Owl Socks: Dorothy Perkins £2.50
The socks were on a 3 for £6.00 offer.
Red Hexagon Print Scarf: Dorothy Perkins £12.00
3 Pairs of Tights in Plum: £6.50 These were on a stand in the Outfit store although they don't actually have a BHS section, I have found them on the BHS website.
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