Private School

We were sat in a bar on holiday, the boys were playing, running around, dancing, having fun when I noticed a man watching them. Not in a dodgy way, he was just sat having a drink with his wife (I assume) and my boys were nearby and just like we would watch other children play and would be entertained by them he was too.

Of course there's nothing wrong with that. I`d rather someone sit and watch my children and see the fun they are having than for someone to watch them thinking they are troublesome, but after a while something just made me feel a little uncomfortable.
It wasn't the man as such, but the realisation that anyone in that room, in any room, could know my children's names.
Have I made my children approachable by things I have written about them on here?

I can't help but think I have. Although Charles is quite shy and won't talk to strangers I'm sure there are ways certain people would encourage him to talk, and befriend them, maybe using info they have read or gained by reading this.
After all, we don't know everyone who is reading our blogs, do we?

Stats show people reading them from all over the UK and all over the world. This information is there for the taking.

I made a decision a while ago to not share as much personal information about the boys. It's just something I needed to cut back on. Certain things made me uncomfortable and since cutting back I feel a bit better.
Although I share days out and other snippets I don't feel are too personal, I also made the decision with some of these days out to space out the time between going somewhere and then posting about it. Again, something that has made me feel a little bit more comfortable about sharing our boys lives.

With Charles starting school, not something I could avoid people knowing about due to his age, I know I have to be extra conscious of what I am putting out there.
I think I did a good job with his preschool year. I didn't share his uniform colour or his preschool name. I edited any photos of him in his uniform, changing the colour and cloning out the logo. And I'll be continuing this choice with his school years too. Someone only needs to see the colour of his top to know which school he is attending. And thankfully we have quite a few schools in our area so it's not an obvious choice as to which one he is going to. It could be one of many.

I think also, a decision right for me, is that reluctantly I won't be talking about his school life much. I want to keep that private. I may mention it once or twice but it won't be the big thing that it would have been in the past. I will write about my feelings about it, but not his so much. 

I feel nervous enough about sending him out into the world alone, without us to hold his hand, not knowing what he is doing, or who he is talking to.
I want to protect him as much as I possibly can, and his safety is more important than anything.

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