Some Things I Love #8

With our long journey from Suffolk to Holland via Kent, France and Belgium I really wanted to have something decent to read on my Kindle. I ended up buying The Detective's Daughter which I've seen suggested to me on the Kindle Store for a while and in all honestly, I accidently purchased it, not realising I'd hit purchase, so thought I would give it a go.
I'm obsessed. It's amazing. 

 Harry was obsessed with watching the turtles everyday whilst we were on holiday. We pointed out the mummy turtle, daddy turtle, Harry turtle and Charlie turtle. I cherished these moments, just sitting with my boy every day.

These sandals were perfect for our holiday. The thin strap made them comfortable and held them in place as I biked around the resort everyday. Unfortunately my feet were constantly covered in dirt, which the sandals didn't protect them from, but I didn't really mind. When I wasn't wearing these sandals I was walking around bare foot, until I got a splinter. Ouch.

On the way to Center Parcs we listened to various French, Belgian and Dutch radio stations. I love how they play songs we don't really listen to so much over here now.
I got far too excited when Pat Benetar: Love is a Battlefield played on one station.

A watch. I know, loser. When I realised I didn't have my watch with me I was fine at first and didn't think it would matter. Until I realised I hate not knowing what the time is, or having access to knowing what the time is.
I went shopping and in a rush picked this up. It's actually a lot brighter in real life and is really quite nice.

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