Some Things I Love #9

Something I read
Charles' school information booklet. I realised on Tuesday that I wasn't 100% sure of the time he started or finished. I also had to go through the list of things we needed for his uniform to double check we had everything.
Thankfully we did.  

Something I watched

Something I wore

Pants. On my head. Thanks Jenny Paulin.

Something I listened to

It's funny how going on holiday abroad can switch you off from the usual things you listen to. Coming home and driving in the car I fell in love again with a lot of my favourite songs that are around at the moment.
This is one of the ones that I re-fell in love with, it reminds me of Summer.

Something I can't live without.

My mum. She took me and Harry out when Charles had his first day of big boy school, keeping us distracted. She also treated us to a carvery lunch. Yum.

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