Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Chamber Pillow {Review}

For a couple of years now we have been "making do" with cheap, inadequate pillows. They've lost their shape, they're not very comfortable and don't have ther best amount of filling.
I've mentioned a few times that it would be nice for us to splash out on some nice pillows but as always something else comes up and our money goes elsewhere.

Therefore, when I was offered the chance to review a top of the range 'Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Chamber Pillow' I jumped at the chance.
I wanted to know what we were really missing out on, and whether or not the price and quality of a pillow would change my sleep for the better.

Removing the pillow from it's packaging I was aware of how heavy it was. I knew this was a good start as it felt good quality, and I knew it was packed with quality filling.
 100% genuine Hungarian Goose Down - renowned for its gorgeously soft, bounce-back quality. This luscious filling is packed in as tightly as possible, then covered with luxurious cotton jacquard, and edged with silver piping. Because it's so fine and light, the Goose Down won't clump, and the pillow will stay puffy for ages!

I wanted to test the theory stated on the website about the pillow staying puffy for ages, so immediately rest my head on it, putting a lot of pressure on it (as if that would make any difference) and was amazed to see that as I sat up the pillow slowly returned back to it's original state. And this has remained the same throughout the 2 weeks of using it.  

I chose the Medium-Firm pillow as I do tend to prefer them.

The Medium-Firm is a slightly firmer pillow with two chambers: a central chamber packed with feathers, surrounded by a layer of down. It's the ultimate combination of inner strength and cloudy-light comfort.
It was slightly firmer than I had expected and it did take a few nights to get used to, although I'm unsure as to whether or not this is down to firmness or change in pillow completely.

The pillow costs £65.00. Which may seem quite a lot you can certainly see and feel where your money has gone. These pillows are a real investment.
If I was to purchase again I would possible choose the Soft-Medium pillow as I feel it may be slightly more comfortable than the Medium-Firm.
Thinking about the cost I am working on the theory that I would pay £65.00 or more for a pair of shoes to look after my feet so why not pay the same price to look after my head whilst I sleep, ensuring a good night's sleep and a comfortable night?

The Hungarian Goose Down Chamber Pillow is available to buy from Soak and Sleep, in a range of sizes alongside lots of other high quality bedtime products sold at a fraction of the high street prices.

I was sent the Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Chamber Pillow for the purpose of this review.
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