A Rather Royal Date Day

On Sunday we were lucky enough to be able to indulge in a date day. After a lot of suggestions of what to do we finally decided on our original idea of heading up the Norfolk Coast and going to Sandringham, something we've wanted to do for a long time.
The estate closes to the public in a week or so and we didn't want to wait until next year.
So after an hour and a half drive we finally arrived and I was so excited. I felt little butterflies in my tummy, which might seem weird but castles have always been fanscinating to me and here I was now about to enter a house the current Queen owns and lives in, even better than that, spends Christmas in!
We bought tickets for the House, Museum and Gardens and opted for the woodland walk to get to the house. The woodland was so beautiful that it deserves it's own post.
Once the house was in view we were amazed by the beauty of it. For some reason I expected it to be bigger, not that it isn't big of course! 

You're not allowed to take photographs inside but if you've seen photos online at all, there was a book written by Prince Phillip for the Jubilee (I believe) which includes photos, and it is exactly the same.
We wondered what would have to be done to the house once it was closed to the public and awaiting the arrival of the Royal Family. We wondered if they would rearrange the furnitureat all but everything is set out as it always is, except they remove the rope seperating you from the sofas and so on. 

Everything is beautiful. A complete mishmash of styles, colours and designs which in our house would look a mess but in this house looked faultless.
Whilst we were stood behind the very sofa the Queen sits on to drink her tea in the mornings, in front of the only fire they now light in the house, I felt oddly emotional.
When you stand and think of where you are, and who will be sitting and standing in that room in 2 months time, it's incredibly overwhelming. 

We stood in the beautiful dining room, surrounded by beautiful china which will be packed away once the house is closed to the public, this is because the piece of furniture this gorgeous blue china set was placed on is used for serving food and drink throughout the day at various meals.
The table they will sit around everyday was laid for 9, and we were told how it can be extended to fit 22 people around it for Christmas Day lunch.
We wondered if a place would be set for Prince George and if a posh wooden highchair was hidden in storage within the house. 
We joked about baby proofing the house too. He may br a Prince but one day he will crawl and I'm sure will be enticed by the beautiful objects around the house and on the walls.

The final room we went in was set up with personal photos. I loved looking at these and it  made me proud of our Royal Family, the relationship they have with each other, with us and with their country.

We then decided it was time for tea and cake and headed off to the stables which was converted into teabrooms. Oh the lemon drizzle cake was amazing! As was the tea.

Once finished we looked around the museum and also got to have a look in the garages, which will soon be busy with cars transporting various family members around the estate. 
We spent rather a long time looking at the various Range Rovers and Land Rovers tucked at the back ready to be driven out.

We walked around some more of the grounds, finding some beautiful views of the house through trees and over lakes, and visited the church on the Estate before visiting the gift shop and buying a Sandringham Mug and a couple of glass baubles for the boys. 

We had a really wonderful time and will take the boys with us next year for them to share the excitement too.

Whether or not you are a fan of the Royal Family this is really worth a visit. It's too beautiful to miss out on.

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