Boys Clothing at Joules | Review

Anyone who knows me, follows me on Twitter, Instagram or via my blog will be aware of a certain obsession of mine.
Ooooo I love it. Womens clothes, mens clothes, homeware, stationary, girls clothes (I can look) and especially boys clothes.
I first discovered Joules because of Mostly Yummy, her post on the red Leila dress last year saw me visit their website straight away and lust after every single item.
As it happened my sister in law had bought Charles a gorgeous shirt from Joules but at the time it didn't mean anything to me, although I had noticed how good quality the shirt was compared to others I had bought in the past.
Christmas last year came and we ended up in a Joules store purchasing a coat for Charles. And from there my husbands obsession started too. He wanted to buy everything for the boys, which is unusual as my husband isn't one for clothes shopping.
Charles' Joules collection slowly increased to a Gilet given to him by his aunty for his birthday and then a polo shirt from me shortly after, kept aside especially for our holiday.
Harry's collection only consists of a long sleeve tshirt with a crocodile on the front and the back. But we were recently given the opportunity to increase our collection (excited face!!) and to select a top each for the boys from the Joules website.
Joules range of boys polo shirts are irresistible and so I chose a top for both of them.
For Harry I chose the Blue Burghley short sleeved polo, the design was limited edition so is no longer on the site, BUT the quality is obviously exactly the same as all other polo tshirts.
Things that attract me, and the boys, to the Polo tshirts, as well as other Joules clothing, is the design and the bright colours. Block colours and stripes feature heavily on the designs, which suit us to a tee(!!) as we really like the boys to wear stripes.
I asked for a Long Sleeved Polo for Charles as he already has a short sleeved I thought it would be nice to try something different. Both of the boys are funny about wearing cardigans and jumpers but I thought the design of this would appeal to Charles and encourage him to wear it.
The long sleeved polo is nice and thick (although not too thick in that it's too hot) and are perfect for windy days out in the countryside or down the beach.
I had concerned in the past about polo tshirts shrinking in the wash or not keeping their original softness but these wash perfectly, they keep their shape and their softness (which even my mum has commented on).
The sizes are spot on for the boys ages. Although I am a bit odd in that I like to buy up a size so Charles will wear a size 5 and Harry a size 3 but 4 and 2 fits them perfectly anyway.

Here are my little models and their fantastic tops.

The price for polo shirts start at £12.95 and go up to around £32.95. For the quality and the designs available this is really reasonable.

We were sent these tops for the purpose of this review.
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