Looking After Your Feet

Having children certainly keeps you on your toes. Running around after them, walking around a park/the zoo, and it can be hard on your feet.

There are simple ways to look after your feet so they don't get too damaged or cause any type of discomfort.

Pamper them. There are lots of different creams, lotions and scrubs available specifically for feet. Giving your feet a scrub whilst you are in the bath will remove any dead skin, and then working in a lotion once your feet are dry will make them feel fresh and soft, ready for another day.

Invest in a pumice stone to remove hard skin. You can use this whilst in the bath, or alternatively soak your feet for 5-10 minutes and then use the stone.

Wear correct shoes. 2 years ago I damaged my feet by simply wearing a pair of cheap flip flops. As a result the pain stayed with me for almost 6 months. Online stores such as SimplyFeet specialise in footwear and supplying footcare products and equipment to podiatrists and chiropodists. Companies such a Vionic offer greatfootwear guaranteed to meet customers high standards.

Treat yourself to a foot massage. Either visit a beauty salon, do it yourself or ask your partner to do it for you. It will help to relax the muscles in your feet and to help feel refreshed.

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