On a Grey Day

Despite living right on the coast we didn't visit the beach once during the summer this year. That's pretty awful I know, and I'm quite ashamed of it.
The funny thing with us is that we spend more time at the beach during the Autumn and Winter than during the warmer months. The atmosphere is totally different and, for us, slightly more inviting.
It's relaxed, fresh and a lot more fun to explore.
Last weekend we had to visit Southwold to pop to one of the gift shops on the pier. We stopped for Sausage and Chips and then went on to look for some woods. We were looking for some in particular, we visited them back in 2009 and haven't been able to find them since, but eventually decided to just go to the beach at Walberswick.
I last went to Walberswick in the Summer with my brother to go crabbing, so it was nice to go back and to explore the beach.
The whole surroundings had changed SO much it was almost unrecognisable, which was also a little unnerving because I couldn't quite get my bearings.

After having lots of fun on the beach we headed to the local pub, which is a really lovely cosy, warm, local pub. We visited there back in 2010 and sat and had fish n chips in the beer garden and listened to live music. It was one of the best days we've had as a family as it was spur of the moment and totally relaxed.

I indulged in a pint of lager and lime....mmmmm and the boys had a juice and half a pint of local bitter for my husband.

A walk back to the car gave us the opportunity to get this months Me and Mine photo, third time lucky, then it was back to the car, back home to put Jumanji on and to make a Roast Dinner.

It was one of those perfect family days, when you have plans to do something but you're not sure what.
I can't wait for more days like this.

(I desperately wish this photo was in focus!)
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