Some Things I Love #14

On Thursday one of my best blogging friends Kirsty from My Two Mums wrote an incredible piece about mental health and OCD.
I think this post was so important because we see a lot of posts about anxiety and depression but not a lot about OCD. It's really worth a read as it addresses the subject and Kirstys personal experience.
Charles' first Harvest Festival. Oh my goodness. It was all kinds of amazing. I said I wouldn't write about Charles' school and the things he gets up to and I really really want to write a blog post about this but I don't want to break my own rules.
In short, he stood in front of the school and the parents, with his class friends and sang a lovely song. He waved at me and showed me his sticker, which was rather cute, he couldn't wait to show me that he got a star and a badge for good tidying up.
Before reception performed their song we watched other year groups. I was amazed by a deaf boy who was signing throughout the whole of a song. He was following a teacher who was stood at the side but it was amazing to see this boy following his friends who were stood around him singing away and listening to the music. I couldn't help but wonder what that moment is like if you can't hear. It must be odd to be part of that and not really know what everyone around you is doing. 
He was superb and I gave an extra long clap just for him. I hope his parents were there to watch him.
 My beautiful new dress sent from my lovely friend Charlotte and yay to rain! I got to wear my new Joules coat.
Chris Evans breakfast show. I usually like listening to KISS but in the mornings, oh my goodness I can't stand it. The presenters are awful, innit.
Coffee, oh sweet coffee.


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