Pinecones: When Autumn Met Christmas

This year we are making as many Christmas decorations as we can. Some will be made by just me, and some will be made with the help of the boys. We want our tree to showcase the different things we can make ourselves.

One of the easiest and prettiest things we {I} have made so far are these glitter pinecones. We actually collected two big bag fulls from a local woodland and plan to do lots of different crafts with them.
The first craft I did, the glitter is far too pretty to be thrown around and ruined/wasted by the boys, is super easy and just requires pinecones, glue and glitter.
I didn't want to have the pinecones all the same so either dipped them in glue and then sprinkled the glitter on top or painted glue on and then sprinkled the glitter on.
I don't recommend dipping or rolling the pinecones in the glitter as the glitter tends to then get all clumpy and also loses it's sparkle.
Once you've sprinkled the glue on it's best to spread the pinecones out on a tray and leave to dry.

These will now live in a heart bowl and also in a glass jar with some fairy lights.
I think the great thing about these is that although they are perfect for Christmas, you COULD just have them as a pretty household decoration.
Our jar with the fairy lights has been on the table since I made these 3 weeks ago. It's beautiful if you want low lighting and to set a relaxing atmosphere.

The glue is just a strong craft glue from B&Q and I bought the AMAZING glitter from Ebay, the pack is really quite big and little goes a long way.

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