Sandringham Estate Woodland and Gardens

When we visited Sandringham Estate almost 2 weeks ago I didn't expect to fall in love with the gardens as much as I did.
Our plan was to just visit the house and the church and not to bother with the gardens but the beauty of it all just sucks you in.
We wanted to just keep walking, and would take the longer route around if we could. The mass of space created this really relaxing, calming atmosphere.
You couldn't help but to walk around and dream of what life would be like if this was your space, or to walk around and imagine The Queen walking her dogs around, and even to imagine little Prince George toddling around on the fresh green grass.
There were so many places around the gardens and woodlands to sit and enjoy and soak in the beautiful views surrounding you.

One of my favourite places to sit was near a lake. Looking over the water at the house and the surrounding trees reminded me so much of Beauty and The Beast.
I've never been into that fairytale dream of one day being a Princess, until we visited Sandringham.
It only costs £12 to go to the Estate, Museum and Gardens and they have a lovely tea room situated in an old stable. The lemon drizzle cake is out of this world!
I urge everyone to visit, it's such an amazing house with beautiful ground, you can't help but to feel overwhelmed by every single part of it.

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