2013-A Summary. 2014-A Hint Of.

I don't really like New Year. I've never been one for big celebrations for it.
Now, that's a lie.
In my adult life I haven't been one for big celebrations of it. I went through a few years of making sure I was asleep before fireworks lit up the sky, cheers and woops bellowed from passerby's, waking up to a brand new day like any others.
Then as anxiety crept in I had this URGE and this NEED that I HAVE to stay up until past midnight. Not to celebrate but, well, just in case. I can't explain it and I can't even understand why really but it's this overwhelming feeling that makes me have to stay up.

I've always liked looking back on the week, month and year gone by and this year thought it would be nice to record it (even the lows), especially as time is going so quickly and it's hard to keep up with what we're doing and what we've done!

This is a little more personal really, as well as looking at things as a family. I feel I've had quite a big year in some senses, some of which I've talked about, some I haven't and some I can't.


Relationships breaking up (not my marriage but other forms of relationships).
Friendships not being what I thought they were and seeing the true side to certain people.
Anxiety and depression taking hold too much.


Family time including trips to London, a 4th birthday trip to York, a 2nd birthday trip to Bewilderwood, a lunch trip to Bruges, a wonderful holiday to Centre Parcs in Holland, and a Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris.
Date days and nights including a date day to Sandringham Estate and to the woodland and gardens, and another date day to Norwich, and special dates with a gorgeous little boy.
Making new friends and meeting new people.
Managing to get the train to London all by myself, including my very first solo overnight hotel stay.

Things I'd Rather Forget:

The lows of anxiety and depression.
How out of control I let my weight become.
The real side of friends and family members.

Things I'll Never Forget:

Charles being so brave starting big boy school and making so many friends. The way he has quickly learnt so many things especially his reading and writing which amazes me every day.
Harry turning from this toddler to a proper little boy and the way his speech has developed so much in the last 3 months of the year.
My nights of ridiculous, hilarious and sometimes X Rated conversations with friends via WhatsApp. 
My brother being so completely amazing and doing the 3 Peaks Challenge in 24 hours and finishing on our birthday.
My husband working so hard to enable me to have another year at home being a housewife and stay at home mummy.

Things I've Loathed:

Rainy school runs.
The wind, I've never known it to be so bad!
My weight and general appearance.

Things I've Loved:

Having long nails for a whole year. 
Another year of blogging and not giving up. I'm looking forward to hitting my 3 year blog birthday in the next couple of months.
Joules, Joules, Joules and Joules.
The challenge of a solo drive to Milton Keynes to meet up with some of my favourite blogging friends and breaking my Ikea Virginity.
Being part of Me&Mine: A Family Portrait Project.
Hardly ever needing to iron....thanks mum.

2014-Things I'm Excited About:

Family adventures.
Watching our boys grow even more.
New blog projects.
Seeing my friends again.


Look after myself more (lose weight!!)
Be happy. 
Be calmer.
Do more with Harry before he goes to preschool in September.
Make more of my time with the boys.
Enjoy life more.

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