Enjoying Now

Don't wish time away.

One of my promises for this year is to enjoy life more.
I can be a bit lazy, be a bit negative, focus on things that went wrong and not appreciate the positive things as much.
I am a planner and am always happy if I have something to look forward to. I need something on the calender that we are heading towards, be it a holiday, birthday, weekend away, date night, day out or Christmas.
I was watching a Youtube video recently and someone added that one of their goals for 2014 was to starting enjoying now more, and to not wish their time away.
You know how you sometimes hear things and think you were meant to hear that? That's exactly how I felt.

I realised that I need to do this and to do more last minute things.
Just decide at the last minute to take the boys out for the day and not plan things so far in advance.
I spent the weekend looking through photos on my computer, remembering the great days out we had last year, and the moments where I felt happy. The days I maybe forgot about but that a simple photo made me remember what it was like that day, how happy we all were, what we did, how we felt.

I need to appreciate small things that the boys do, remembering days out we've been on, remembering what they enjoyed and doing that again.
Watching them eat. I find it oddly comforting and wonderful watching my children eat.
Watching them making new discoveries and learning new things. Watching them change from babies to toddlers to proper boys.
Remembering special days out, the reasons behind them and stopping to take a selfie to remember that moment. The one below was taken at the Dinosaur Park in Norfolk, Charles was attached to a stick....yes you read that right, and left it near the Diplodocus. We had to walk up a big hill to go and find it, which is easy in the woods, and we took this sneaky selfie. His left eye was really sore all day and we didn't realise until the following day that he had conjunctivis.
Charles and Harry both held a snake that day, Harry went one step further and squeezed the snake. This day out really made us aware of Harry's abilities and part of the point of the day out was for us to spoil him and do something he would like. We let him walk the majority of the day when we used to stick him in the pushchair constantly.
Last minute walks around the field, just to get some fresh air and to explore our local area.
Date days with both boys and a chance to reconnect and bond with them without distraction.
Watching them working together and discovering how things grow.
Capture the mood and the excitement. Our Christmas Tree search was a great example of this. The photo below of the 3 boys may not have the best focus but Charles makes me laugh so much. This was from our Christmas tree search.

Looking at these photos reminded me that I don't have to plan things weeks and months in advance. I don't have to have something booked on the calender for every weekend. I don't have to put pressure on myself, or on the rest of the family, because things will simply fit into place and we'll end up having the best time together.
Most of the fantastic days we had together last year were spur of the moment or the odd planned day in between weekends of relaxation.
That's what I need to continue this year. Enjoying now rather than constantly busying myself planning ahead resulting in me wishing time away.

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