Down By The River

When you think back to last year, particularly the Summer, are there days and moments that really stand out?
I have a few, one in particular is one I didn't blog about at all, which is quite rare for me!
I loved that day and the moment so much that I didn't want to tell anyone about it, I wanted to keep it for myself to soak up and enjoy.
My brother was home for a week and I drove over to High Lodge at Thetford Forest, with him, my mum, the boys and a massive picnic. After we were finished at High Lodge we popped over to St Helen's.
We have really fond memories of St Helen's. I remember vidily going as a child. Listening to Pat Benetar and Def Leppard in the car on the way there and on the way home. We would spend all day there, paddling in the water, eating a picnic, playing with other children, playing football and swing ball.
It was magical to be able to take the boys. Although not prepared as I thought we wouldn't get there as we'd be too busy or that it would be to busy I didn't take their swimming costumes (Yes mum, I know you told me to!) and instead Charles stripped down to his pants and Harry was just in a nappy. Although not something I would usually feel comfortable with it's not really any different to a child wearing trunks and there was a real lovely family atmosphere down there that I didn't feel threatened by anyone at all. A shame that this is the case elsewhere nowadays.

We were surrounded by families who had been down there for hours, all catching the tiny fish in their nets. One lady picked up one of the fish and placed it in Harry's hands, for those of you who may think it's cruel he held it for seconds and it quite happily swam off after.

I'm really hoping this is somewhere we can revisit for years to come, although a bit better prepared with swimwear and sensible shoes to wear in the water, the stones hurt your feet so much!

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