January 2014

How can January be over already? I can't believe how quickly it has gone and that we are already in the second month. Madness.
January has been a pretty positive time in our house. Any possible feeling of the January blues were soon over taken by our excitement at searching for and then purchasing our very first boat. 

February has a lot to live up to.

I've had a visit to London to bumpPR's 4th birthday party, which now seems like so long ago. It was wonderful to meet up with friends I've already met, and to catch up with some I haven't met before or only met briefly at Britmums Live last year.
It felt like such a big achievement to go to London with just Charles, especially as we had to tackle the tube, and it's now made me feel a tiny bit more confident in attending Britmums Live this year too.

I've decided to try and tackle my anxiety and depression again. I feel I made some really important steps last year. Although I didn't manage to cope or manage it all perfectly, I certainly learnt a lot about how strong I can be and what I am capable of. I still have fears of repercussions of choices and decisions I have made but deep down, I know I made the right choices and made improvements to my life and that's the best thing.
As a result January, although tough at times, has been more positive with my attempts at a Happiness Jar and the QandA A Day 5 Year Journal.

January also saw the first month of the Living Arrows project I'm involved in with the team at I Heart Snapping.
I'm really proud of my photos for January. I worried about the pressure of being up against some amazing photographers but as I saw the first photo I actually felt quite proud of my attempts. A bit of pressure is never a bad thing after all, it encourages me to improve and to do my best.
I'm really excited to continue with this project for the next 11 months. To see how my children change and if/how I view childhood differently as the year goes on.

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