Siblings: A Family Portrait Project {February}

I have to confess that Siblings completely crept up on me this month, I thought we had another week!
I can't believe the amount of people who joined in last month, I think we were all in a bit of shock. It's a fantastic result to see so many people getting involved and wanting to capture these special moments between their children.

Now, looking at my photo you may see a similarity to last month. The first photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to take a photo in the same place for the whole year, to really mark the changes in the boys. We didn't get the chance to get out somewhere in January to take a photo in a place that we would revisit every month so instead I have decided to recreate this photo, of the boys laying on Charles' bedroom floor.
It's not a perfect photo in terms of focus and lighting but they LOVE doing it and both really make an effort. Harry decided he had to have a blanket on him.
I have some really adorable outtakes too which I will share another time.

And the second one is just a little cute one. These two love to hold hands, it makes me smile and go all gooey whenever I see them doing it.
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