Happy Sunday | Week Five

Whether or not you think Sunday is the end of the week, or the beginning of a new one, I thought it would be a nice idea to look back on the week that has just past and to look at the things that have made me happy and made me smile.
I think it can be easy to look back on a hard week and miss out on those things. A week of bad weather for example can really make it seem as though the whole week was a complete fail. But it probably wasn't. We must all smile at least once a day. I know I do, even if I forget it.

Things that made me happy this week:


Oh yes, oh yes, I did it. I got myself a pair of Sun Jellies. After around three weeks of umming and ahhing at which colour to get and getting myself in a state I finally bought some black ones. I thought it seemed the sensible choice as they will go with jeans and with my other sundresses and leggings.
Oh my, they are so comfortable. Are only £14, with only £2 p&p, and it's super quick delivery.
I'm now planning my next colours. I think these will be perfect for our time on the boat too.
Yay summer! Come on!!

Washing on the line

Oh the feeling of joy and success when you look out onto your garden to a washing line full of fresh smelling wet washing, drying in the warm breeze.

The rabbit.

Sometimes I feel incredibly guilty that the rabbit is stuck in his hutch day in day out. I let him out as much as I can into his run but recently I've also let him have freedom of the garden. Our "grass" is full of weeds so he helps by eating the majority of them.
Harry likes to follow him around asking for cuddles and trying to stroke him, sometimes he will chase him which, although may sound cruel, the rabbit clearly enjoys because as soon as Harry stops the rabbit comes over to him as if he's saying "chase me, chase me".
He's not extremely tame but the more we are letting him out the more he will let me go near him.
I wasn't too impressed with him eating my mint plant in the vegetable garden but watching Harry giggle as the rabbit rolled around in the soil was fantastic.

Personal Messages

This week has been quite lovely in terms of messages I've received from people. Two were emails and one was on Facebook. It's nice to receive something that you know someone put their effort and time into writing, and the fact that those people actually thought about me enough to want to send a personal message to me. Things like that make me really happy.

A handmade card

Harry went to playgroup with my mum this week and came home with this. I adore it. The glitter is amazing amazing amazing and my favourite is the inside and the fact that he fingerpainted 'H''s. If you saw last week's Happy Sunday post you'll know he is obsessed with writing H's at the moment. It's adorable and I'm really proud of him.
Charles also came home from school with a handmade card. He was upset that I found it in his bag, but hadn't told me not to look so it was a bit silly really.
I love it although he still calls me 'mummy' and not 'mum' so we laughed at that.
These things are so precious. 

 What made you happy this week?

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