Happy Sunday | Week Four

Whether or not you think Sunday is the end of the week, or the beginning of a new one, I thought it would be a nice idea to look back on the week that has just past and to look at the things that have made me happy and made me smile.
I think it can be easy to look back on a hard week and miss out on those things. A week of bad weather for example can really make it seem as though the whole week was a complete fail. But it probably wasn't. We must all smile at least once a day. I know I do, even if I forget it.

Things that made me happy this week:

A Kind Heart

I'm in my second week of being poorly which sucks. Charles is better though so has returned to school, with my husband doing the morning school runs to help me out.
On Tuesday I was having a particularly bad day and in between doing dinner and then getting ready for the bedtime routine, which I've been doing this week whilst my husband is working overtime, I took myself off to the bathroom for 5 minutes to take off my make up and just have some time to myself. Normally the boys would be in and out as per usual but Charles knocked on the door and I said I would be out in a minute. It was like he understood I needed some time to myself.
When I went downstairs I couldn't see him so assumed he was waiting for me in his bedroom and I had missed him. Then Harry told me he was under the table.
He appeared with a card with hand drawn heart balloons on the front and inside the words 'To Mumy, Love Charles, Dady and Harry' and on the back the number 8 with eight kisses, he had accidentally drawn nine but decided nine was far too much so he crossed it out.
The card was to make me better because he knew I was feeling so poorly.
This card meant and will always mean so much to me. I love that he knew he had a few minutes without me around so went to find a blank card and a pencil to make me a card. I love that he hid under the table to surprise me. I love that he put everyones names in it.
I love that he wanted to make me feel better.

A Family Dinner

I usually do the boys dinner around 5/5.30 and then I eat with my husband around 7. My husband has been working late this week and getting back at 8 o clock and so I decided to make Spaghetti Bolognese for me and the boys one night. My husband has gone off it so I very rarely make it now. It was lovely and Charles was so excited that I was eating with them.
We talked about school and about some boating weekends we have planned in April and May. We talked about school, and girls, amoungst other things. It was just so wonderful.
Excuse the dirty mouth.

The Cuteness

Harry lined his Bob the Builder toys up, plus another digger on the end, sat in the middle and asked for me to take a photo of them. How could I say no? Yes he may have chocolate all around his mouth but I don't care. The moment was just so wonderful, I love how he put his arms around them too, like a proud friend or a proud owner.

The Letter H

This week Harry learnt how to write the letter H. Although he doesn't know his alphabet in full yet he is really good at recognising letters and being able to tell you some words that begin with those letters.
He is so proud of being able to write 'H' that he is obsessed with writing it at any given opportunity. I keep finding pieces of paper with an H written on them and pages in my notebooks with 'H' on almost every page.
I love it and am so proud of him.

Ricky Martin

I adore Ricky Martin and feel ashamed to say that I didn't realise he had new songs out that I never even knew about. I went onto YouTube to watch the video and listen to Vuelve on Monday (my go to song if I am feeling down) and then came across this.
Why is it not released in the UK? Madness!!

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