Happy Sunday | Week Three

Whether or not you think Sunday is the end of the week, or the beginning of a new one, I thought it would be a nice idea to look back on the week that has just past and to look at the things that have made me happy and made me smile.
I think it can be easy to look back on a hard week and miss out on those things. A week of bad weather for example can really make it seem as though the whole week was a complete fail. But it probably wasn't. We must all smile at least once a day. I know I do, even if I forget it.

Things that made me happy this week:

My Rocks

This week has been truly awful. Charles and I have been poorly with colds and then were also both hit by a midweek sickness bug. He's been off school and has been upset at the possibility of his girlfriend forgetting about him (really!) and has ended up with a serious case of cabin fever.
It's been tough. I've had no energy and it's one of those weeks that I'd probably beat myself up about but you know what, it was beyond my control so I'm going to write it off and not worry too much about it.

A Birthday

This week has been such a fog of illness, sickness and general yuk that I keep forgetting that on Sunday and Monday we celebrated my husbands birthday. We had a family day on Sunday because of Charles having school on Monday (well, we didn't know he would be off with illness at that point) and my husband was at work until late.
We had a wonderful time on Sunday, went for a meal out and headed home to a chocolate birthday cake.

Joules and Norfolk

If you know me at all you will be very aware of my obsession with Joules, and my love of the Norfolk Broads. I took advantage of a 20% off offer recently with Joules and bought two really cute keyrings.
This week they arrived, along with the brochure leaflet that is normally in the bag, and an added bonus/extra was this Guide to Norfolk.
Their new range is inspired by sailing, which is perfect for me of course given our new purchase, and the photos taken to show off their new range were taken on the Norfolk Broads. Squeal!

A New Favourite Quote

I love searching for quotes on Pinterest. I find it a form of therapy, I find it inspirational, relaxing, comforting and stress relieving too.
I've said it before, but it's almost like it's that friend who always knows exactly what to say and can tell you exactly what you need to hear.

A New Mug

I have a few favourite mugs. I have a different one depending on my mood, my day and so on. Silly I know. I had a pretty one my Aunty (in-law) bought me one Christmas and also finally a lovely Cath Kidston one just before Christmas which was a gift from a PR, both of these broke in our old dishwasher and I was so disappointed.
I just got round to replacing the Cath Kidston one, with a different design, but it's beautiful all the same. I love it and am really precious over it.

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