Longing for Norfolk

I am a Suffolk girl, my husband is a Norfolk boy.
I met him in Suffolk, when he was living here in a flat almost on the beach. We moved to Cambridgeshire due to a job change for him but after a couple of years, in which we had got married, we decided we didn't want to rent a house anymore and wanted to buy. House prices in Cambridgeshire are quite expensive so we made the big decision of moving away. The reason this was such a big decision was because it meant my husband would be leaving his job and starting his own business, which is always a risk.
I think ideally we would be living in Norfolk, by the broads, but our house search brought us to Suffolk and we ended up with a house perfect for our needs. A house which probably would cost £50,000+ in Cambridgeshire. Shocking.

A longing for Norfolk has remained however, and although moving isn't an option, we are delighted that that longing is fulfilled by our boat.
We love Suffolk, don't get me wrong, but you can't beat a day out on the Norfolk Broads. Not that we've sailed on them yet but we have hired a motorboat out twice for the day and loved it.
I think it makes me feel a lot more settled here, knowing that we have that space in our hearts filled. We would still love to own a home in Norfolk, backing onto the Broads with mooring for the boat, but for now our situation is wonderful.

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