March 2014

The end of yet another month. This year is going so quickly, it's crazy.
This month seems to have gone so slow in some ways, when I look at my Living Arrows photos below the first one seems like it was so long ago.
It seems like it was so long ago that my brother visited, and that we celebrated my husbands birthday.

I spent the majority of this month poorly with an awful cold, Charles and I caught a sickness bug and both boys have had gunky eyes but it seems to be viral rather than conjunctivitis.. I'm pretty sure this all happened because I said "wow, we've been lucky. No conjunctivitis, no sickness bug and no winter cold" and then boom. We got all of them in one week.
In the future I will not be so smug.
Lesson learnt.

The biggest thing this month for me has been taking big steps into dealing with my depression and anxiety. I know, if you're a regular reader you're probably bored of reading about it, but it was a big thing for me to make that step and go to my doctor to be prescribed anti-depressants.
I didn't want to spend yet another year fighting what seemed to be a losing battle and I need back up. The tablets are my back up. They are what will hopefully make me stronger and eventually help me to beat this depression until it comes back again.

This month I started my Happy Sunday series. I wanted to do this to try and force myself to think positively. To focus on things in the week that made me smile, that maybe I didn't even realise or think of at the time.
The things that made me happy that are so normal, or seemed so normal, but put a smile on my face even if just for 5 minutes.

I really want to try balance out the "negative/down" posts with something happy, and I hope that that is coming across.
I'd like to be able to show that actually, this is what depression is about for me, the ups and the downs, the mixtures of emotion, the mood swings and the fact one moment everything is perfect and the next I'm lower than ever.

As the year goes on I'm loving discovering new blogs (check out tomorrows post) aswell as reading ones I've loved for so long. I couldn't do a March roundup without mentioning this post by Katie, Mummy Daddy Me. I'm not sucking up to her by any means (although if it wins me friend points then that's great!). It is probably one of the best posts I've seen since I've been blogging, it's such a fab idea and I think it turned out great. I'm quite jealous I didn't come up with it to be perfectly honest!

I'm really looking forward to April.
With the boat returning to the water, an afternoon on the boat with my husband and an instructor so we can learn how to sail (ahead of our weeks course booked in May) plus I have Charles at home for just 2 weeks which I am super excited about. We're going to be rebuying our zoo season tickets in April too and these now get us into TWO zoo's. How amazing is that?! Especially as both of those zoo's are fantastic. I'm really excited. 
We'll also be celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary which is lovely, plus I have a couple of other exciting things planned with my mum and with some other people.

Oh, and I also had another blog redesign. I think I am finally happy with the size of my header, the colours and layout of my blog. I quite like that I can change my header due to the pinboard style, that won't change, just the images will sometimes.


How was your month?

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