April 2014

April has seemed like such an odd month. In some ways it seems to have flown by, and in others it seems to have dragged. 

To sum April up in one word it would be: Chickenpox.
Both boys have had it, Charles' came out in the Easter holidays which was a bit pants really as I had big plans for all the fun things we could do. He was back at school for a week, I enjoyed one afternoon at the zoo with Harry and our new friends we met on the school run and 5 days later....he comes out in chickenpox. He has had chickenpox as a baby but not anywhere near as bad as this. It breaks my heart to see him as his face and neck are completely covered. He is so sore and I can't fix him. It doesn't matter how much medicine I give him, or how much cream I apply, he is still "really really scwatchy" and "really really sore".
I have a feeling this will take a while to go but I cannot wait for him to be back to normal so he isn't in such pain and discomfort anymore.

In terms of my "mental health issues" there has been progress this month. I had yet another assessment which is getting really frustrating, but it was an hour long appointment, we covered some really important issues and I really felt like my focus was right this time. I felt an instant trust with the therapist and was able to really open up to her. She diagnosed me with something else, which isn't worrying or concerning me at all because I think that a lot of mental health issues cross over. I requested to see her for my future therapy sessions which may mean I have to wait longer for those appointments but it will be worth it. I don't want to have to talk about everything yet again to another person.

My anti-depressants were upped to a higher mg and on the whole I'm feeling a bit more positive and happy, but it could be psychological rather than down to the tablets or just generally being more happy. I managed to FINALLY get an appointment with my doctor, on May 12th, to discuss how I'm getting on and where we go from here.

Our boat also played a big part in our lives this month with her returning to the water, us able to go out on her using the engine and having a one off sailing lesson. 
We attempted a weekend away which went wrong but hopefully will be back on for another overnight stay really soon. 

Two of my highlights of April had to be the amount of time I spent with friends in one week. On bank holiday Monday I had an amazing day shopping with my mum. We hadn't done that for a looooong time so it was really nice, and I was able to update mine and Charles' wardrobes which was lovely.
We went for a meal to ASKItalian and both had a glass of Rose wine. It's safe to say that a long day of shopping made the wine go to our head quite quickly and we had a real giggle and laugh. After this we went to the theatre to see Tap Factory. 
Also this week I went to the zoo with a mum I met on the school run, and the following day I had a catch up with my friend and her daughter. 
The last weekend was super special as I got to spend it with some of my favourite friends. It involved a 2 and a half drive but it was so wonderful and I think I just spent most of the time laughing until my cheeks hurt.

Living Arrows continued over on I Heart Snapping (which has been shortlisted for a Bibs award in the category Innovate. Please vote for it to win by clicking here and sticking a tick next to it on the form)
I am absolutely loving this project. I don't want to stick to a particular style or theme so having a play around every week is really fun and is making me learn a lot about using my camera and edited too.

How was your month?

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