August SE50 - 30W Bluetooth Speaker System with FM Radio | Review

When we bought our boat we knew any overnight stays or long days spent on her would be limited in terms of entertainment. We don't own an iPad so we didn't have one of those to take to keep us all busy with films to download and programmes to catch up on.

We look forward to sitting together eating a meal and talking, not distracted by a television and sitting at night listening to the birds and other boats going past.

Music is a big part of our lives and can not only provide entertainment but can also be as wonderful as relaxing background noise.

Not only are we limited with entertainment, we are also limited with space and power supply so we knew we didn't have a huge amount of options when it came to getting a radio or cd player for the boat.
We also wanted something we could take home once we've finished our day or weekend on the boat...for security reasons of course.

The August SE50 is perfect for our needs. It's plug fits into a 12V power socket or a standard plug socket and has two 15W speakers.
The radio has a wooden design which works really well on our boat. We also really like the curved edges and think these give the radio a great finish.

Not only can we listen to the radio on this but it also has Bluetooth so we can send music to it via our smartphones which is ideal when out on the boat in the middle of the Broads with limited signal to pick up our favourite radio stations.

Another appealing aspect of this radio for us was the price. Other options we had seen were close to the £200 mark. This on the other hand, is a very affordable £37.45.

We were sent the August SE50 for the purpose of this review.
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