Happy Sunday | Week Twelve

Whether or not you think Sunday is the end of the week, or the beginning of a new one, I thought it would be a nice idea to look back on the week that has just past and to look at the things that have made me happy and made me smile.
I think it can be easy to look back on a hard week and miss out on those things. A week of bad weather for example can really make it seem as though the whole week was a complete fail. But it probably wasn't. We must all smile at least once a day. I know I do, even if I forget it.

Things that made me happy this week:

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Learning to Sail

I'm going to write a post detailing our sailing week as it's too much to fit into a short paragraph but....I can now sail! I went into the week expecting to fail and be quite rubbish but instead I left the week with a Level 2 certficate.
It was a hard, challenging yet fun and exciting week. We were able to learn on our own boat which made it easier and we had a fantastic instructor who made us feel really comfortable and confident. We couldn't have chosen anyone better.

Takeaway Coffee

I have never really got the whole takeaway coffee craze. When we lived in St Neots and came home we would make a special stop at Wild Bean Cafe for me to grab a Latte with Hazelnut syrup. But there's nothing really like that round here, and I can make coffee at home.
This week though we grabbed a Costa Latte from the petrol station on the way to the boat and it was delicious. It really started my day off on a happy note and made me a little more awake!

Fulfilling a Dream

I have always wanted to go on a ride on lawnmower. Always. I wish our garden was big enough for one...but it's not...so I couldn't help but be cheeky when I realised our sailing instructor has one. I didn't expect him to let me have a ride on it, and although I didn't have it in cutting mode and just went in one circle I really enjoyed it.
It's silly how little things like that can really make you smile and feel happy.

Mum-me Time

My mum was kind enough to take a week off work to look after Harry and collect Charles from school, give them dinner and keep them entertained until we got back from our sailing lesson. Harry has been quite challenging recently, just terrible two's mixed with testing the boundaries and just generally being hard work.  I felt bad that my mum had a tough week with him, especially on the school run, so I invited myself round hers on Saturday night for a girls night. She made us one of my favourite meals I had growing up and we watched Bridesmaids. I'm not usually into these kind of Chick Flicks but it was really really good. I stayed over at my mums so it was nice to not be woken up by a boy poking me in the face or hearing them fighting over pants.

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