Love The Little Things #18


After having a mini panic yesterday at the boys birthdays being in June and July and as yet having nothing planned I finally decided to book a hall and will have a low cost birthday party there. Unlike the other mums here I'm not booking an entertainer, instead setting up activities and booking a bouncy castle instead. The last 3 parties we've been to that have had an entertainer were good, but the children were happier running around chasing each other, throwing balloons, kicking balloons and popping balloons.
I am going to try and make an effort with snacky nibbles so have been busy on Pinterest looking for lots of fun recipes that fit the theme I'm hopefully going for.


I'm not really a fan of Gordon Ramsay I am sat here watching Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA. Oh my word! The couple on here are absolutely crazy, swearing at customers and being incredibly aggressive. Gordon certainly has his work cut out. 


This is one of those songs I turn up when I am in the car and want to pull over and dance to. The video is pretty random and uninteresting but the song is amazing, I think.


Progress with my weight loss. I haven't been overally strict with my diet and so on but yesterday I weighed myself and realised that since February I have lost over a stone. I celebrated with a healthy dinner rather than doing my usual and treating myself to rubbish food.


New top. New hair. New earrings. New trousers. New boots.

And lastly...

The shortlist for the Bibs came out this week and I am delighted to see some of my dear friends have made it through.
Hayley at Shutterflies has made it through in the photo category. I am SO proud of Hayley. Not only is she really talented but she is also an amazing friend. 
Kirsty and Clara who blog at My Two Mums have made it through to the video shortlist. Again I am SO proud. They are two of the loveliest kindest people I have ever met and I love watching their videos be it a day out or an interview style video.
You may, or may not, know that I am a contributor over at I Heart Snapping. I Heart Snapping has been shortlisted for Innovate. It means a lot to us all, especially to Hayley, Katie and Lucy who are the brains behind the site.
If you would be kind enough to join me and support these blogs I would really appreciate it.

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