Love The Little Things #22


On Thursday Harry and I appeared in the Daily Mail. It was an article talking about putting on weight when breastfeeding.
Having read through the comments I think it's clear people didn't read the article very well, at least my part, which is frustrating but seeing as many of the commenters can't spell at all I won't worry too much.
I hope that people can see that it wasn't the actual breastfeeding that made me fat, it was the effects of it, in that it made me more hungry, which is totally to be expected. I certainly know how to tell the difference between being thirsty and being hungry too. Pfft.


If you haven't seen it you should watch Episode 2 of Inside No 9. It is hilarious and really cleverly put together. It was a real classic comedy with very little speech which was different and quite refreshing.


I finally got Spotify on my phone and have been listening to Sam Smith songs this week. I love his voice so much and think he sings with such passion.


I am pretty much obsessed with sweet potato chips at the moment. I've had them almost everyday this week along with black grapes.


Shorts. Actual shorts. With my legs out. Shorts in a size 14, not a 16 or and 18 like I would usually wear. A woohoooo!!
I wore the top pair on the boat last week. They are in a 14 and the bottom pair are in a 16, only because the 14 had sold out and I couldn't go home without them.
At £8 a pair I think they are a real bargain and want to get some more asap.

And lastly...

I've noticed recently just how fantastic the new blogs are that are around at the moment. I think last year and the year before there was an odd atmosphere, and a surge of blaggers but at the moment I really feel this sense of passion from the community, mostly down to these new blogs who are all so ahead of the game.
I'm really fussy when it comes to reading new blogs, I'm picky and need to be wowed pretty much straight away and this has happened quite a lot.
I was thinking ahead to Britmums and to the people I would most like to meet and the majority of them are new bloggers and not people I have stalked for years as per last year.

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