Capturing Colour | Blue

When I got my first DSLR in 2010 I was shocked at how much it changed the world as I usually saw it. I noticed colours, shapes, depth, height. I realised how big certain things were, and how small other things were too.
Things I normally would have passed by all of a sudden became so interesting, and beautiful. Everything became a photo opportunity, and the perfect subject to snap....much to my husbands annoyance.

So I was delighted to be asked by Kirsty if I wanted to take part in a photography project called Capturing Colour. Each week we will be given a colour and then will be left to snap anything we see that is that colour. We choose what we take a photo of of course, we don't have to snap everything we see.

Blue is by far my favourite colour. No particular shade, I like them all, and this is the first colour for this project.
"Easy" I thought. I was wrong.
I might have lots of blue in my wardrobe, but outside of my house, there wasn't much around.
But then I remembered Kirsty saying about us looking for the small things. The things people don't notice and maybe the little things that don't matter to anyone else.

A blue shoe. Charles was stood at the front of the boat helping my husband put the sail on. His foot was resting on the porthole frame like this. He had no idea that I would use it as the perfect opportunity to take a photo. These are his new shoes. His favourite colour is green so it surprised me when he chose blue shoes. On warm days I love seeing him walking around in shorts then seeing his bare legs and a pop of colour on his feet in the form of these shoes, and small trainer socks.

Eyes. Sometimes I am too busy looking in the mirror and pointing out my flaws that I forget the things I actually like about myself. The important things.
My blue eyes. The very things that make it possible for me to see, and for me to appreciate the world around me. To see colours, shapes and so on.
My childrens eyes. The eyes that frown, smile, get wet when they are sad, close when they are tired. The eyes I look into everyday.

And then I got a bit stuck. I found nothing else blue, but the obvious was staring at me the whole time.

The sky. The most important piece of blue around us, changing colour and changing it's shade so so often.
We look out for blue skies, we want hot days, we check to see if there are clouds in the sky, but somedays we just look out of the window, get on with the day and we don't take notice of all that blue. The blue that can be scattered with white clouds.
The blue sky, that when reflected on muddy browny/grey rivers make you feel like you are sailing on clear blue water.
The blue sky that takes your breath away as you look up a mast and see it, a soft backdrop behind a big white sail.
The one thing that makes us question life. Is there anything beyond it? How long does it go on for?
A blue sky, something we desperately want, and sometimes desperately want to go away.
A blue sky, framing and proving a bright backdrop for a big ball of fire.
The blue sky which can hold our attention a lot longer than a tv screen. The one thing we can sit and stare at in silence, for hours on end.

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