Siblings: The Family Portrait Project | June

June is a big month for my boys, Charles in particular, as he turns 5. Harry's birthday is next month but on the 22nd they will be celebrating their birthday with a joint party. Their first proper joint party, which I am both excited and scared about.

These photos were taken on our boat....again. And also in the garden of one of our favourite pubs in Norfolk. The boys had so much fun together, chasing each other, trying to do roly polys, making friends with a group of 20/30 year olds at a nearby table and getting one of the ladies to do cartwheels for them.

It was lovely to see them so confident and having so much fun together. I saw a lot of similarities to when I was little and would play with my brother. He was the confident one talking to other people and I would follow him around, wanting to be like him, or sticking with my parents.

One of the cutest moments was bed time when the boys snuggled on one of the berths and watched The Lorax on their portable dvd player. They laughed at the same bits together, would cuddle up, hold hands. Proper heart melting stuff.
I felt like a very lucky mummy.

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