June 2014

I had such high hopes for June. It was a busy month for us, with plans every weekend, something which is quite rare. It was due to be full of friends, family, celebrations, and lots of smiling, laughing and happy times.
It was full of these things, but also lots of hard times as the boys tested us to our limits.
I would describe June as overwhelming and too busy. I felt I wasn't able to enjoy each weekend because I was thinking about what was coming up.

We had some lovely days out, including a trip to the zoo which started off quite wet as there was a really heavy downpour followed by us eating lunch and a small bird falling and dying just a metre from us. But then the day got better....and hotter. It was one of those days when you regret wearing jeans and wished you risked wearing a maxi dress.

We then had Charles' 5th birthday to celebrate. My husband took the day off work and we travelled to Duxford Imperial War Museum which is somewhere we've wanted to go for years and years. It was amazing. I will have a post going up about it at some point. We headed to St Neots in Cambridgeshire, where we lived for a few years, and went to our favourite Italian there for Charles' birthday meal.
The following day was Fathers Day so my husband and the boys headed over to see his dad. I met my mum at a train station and we headed to a nearby town and enjoyed a 3 course meal with a bottle of Prosecco. It was lovely having that quality time together.

Then the following weekend was Britmums. Yay! I won't write too much about it here as I've already written two posts and have others scheduled and in draft. But, one tip. Don't have a childrens birthday party planned the day after Britmums. Not only will you be tired, emotional and maybe still feeling the effects of the Lindemans wine at the Bibs (achem), but your desire to socialise with other parents will be at an all time low.
Still.....the boys enjoyed it.

Then we had a weekend on the boat. A small sail but the wind was so strong that a couple of bits broke (lesson learnt) up to our favourite pub. My sister in law and her step son had joined us on the boat before we set off so it was lovely to spend some time with them.

June has been tough with the boys behaviour, I probably make it sound a lot worse than it is. I don't know. Maybe it is really bad, or maybe I am just overreacting?

Still, we had some smiles and some fun times in between the stressful times.

Here are my June Living Arrows photos:

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