Happy Sunday | Week Twenty Two

Whether or not you think Sunday is the end of the week, or the beginning of a new one, I thought it would be a nice idea to look back on the week that has just past and to look at the things that have made me happy and made me smile.
I think it can be easy to look back on a hard week and miss out on those things. A week of bad weather for example can really make it seem as though the whole week was a complete fail. But it probably wasn't. We must all smile at least once a day. I know I do, even if I forget it.

Things that made me happy this week:

Fiesta and Moustaches

My nanny and uncle were on holiday from Somerset last week and it was so so so amazing. On Friday, their last night, we all headed to the bungalow they were staying at and had a pizza party, courtesy of Dominoes Pizza.
We were trying out the new Carnivale menu and were sent these stick on moustaches to have some fun with.
The boys looked hilarious in theirs, and I couldn't help but to giggle when my mum joined in too.
Here is a sneak peek.

Solo Carousel

Up until last week Charles had always gone on a carousel with an adult, but with him now being 5 and "almost an adult" he went on a horse all by himself. We had a real laugh as we pretended to race each other, he shouted "faster, faster" and we waited to see if we would have the Mary Poppins Carousel experience...which sadly didn't happen.


I have two aunties, one is younger than my mum and the other is older. The youngest one, Aunty Ann, came over on holiday this week and it was so lovely to see her. I don't know why but I love to see my mum with her sisters. Obviously I have a brother and have never felt the longing to have a sister but it's nice to see their relationship.
My mum doesn't have any family close by, other than me and the boys, so seeing her with her sister (and her mum) is comforting to me I think. It's nice to be surrounded by family and to know that there are others in her life who love her other than us.

A Week With Nanny

We've been really lucky to be able to spend every day with my mum this week. We've gone out every single day and my mum has had to do almost all of the driving as my car failed it's MOT and was getting fixed this week.
The boys adore my mum and she is so good with them. We either pair up with a boy each or she will take them for me and play with them so I have a break, which I appreciate so much.
Being around my own nanny this week and falling even more in love with her has made me realise just how important my mums relationship is with the boys.
I also want them to realise how lucky they are to have her and especially to have her so close.

A Reception

We were invited to one of my husbands now ex-collegues wedding reception on Saturday. I met him from work and we walked into Norwich to go for some dinner. I had forgotten to bring a lipstick and felt a bit naked without one, you know like when your outfit feels unfinished because you don't have something in particular on? Well, he took me into Superdrug and bought me a beautiful bright pink Barry M lipstick, which I thought was rather lovely. It matched my Joules boat dress perfectly too (the dress by the way was almost too tight when we first bought it last year, it was then slightly big at Britmums and is now rather huge but I still wore it anyway because I lurve it too much!)
We went to Yo Sushi for some dinner and then headed over to the wedding reception. The venue was stunning. I was quite nervous about meeting his work friends as a lot of them I haven't met, despite him working there for a long time. I was amazed at just how lovely everyone was. We spent a lot of time talking and joking with his boss who was hilarious. Come 11 o clock I was feeling a bit tired and wanted to get the drive home over and done with but I could have easily spent hours and hours with these people.

Tom Hanks

One of the things on my 101 things in 1001 days is to watch ten Tom Hanks films. I want to watch some of the films I haven't seen before rather than sticking to the ones I have seen before and headed to Amazon to see what there was available.
Some of them are so cheap so to start my collection I bought 'Road to Perdition', 'Philidelphia' and I also bought 'The Green Mile' as although I have seen it before, but a long time ago, my husband has never seen it so I'm really looking forward to watching that with him.


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