July 2014

Oh July where have you gone? I can't believe that we are now in the eighth month of 2014. I remember when I was young how a year felt so long and now, it seems so quick.

July saw a blonde boy turn 3 and it was a pretty low key celebration because my husband had work on the day itself although we did take him out for dinner in the evening. We spent the day with my mum by going swimming and then grabbing an ice cream. So although it was low key it was still really lovely.
His preschool forms are now in and we have had confirmation of his sessions so it is completely official...Harry will be starting preschool in September. I suppose for now it feels a bit like it's nothing huge. I know the ladies well, I know the preschool well, and I'm used to sending a child off for the day but I'm sure that when the time comes it is going to be really hard to let him go.
Thankfully I can clearly remember how quickly those 3 hours go and although they do go quickly I fully plan on making the most of my time with keeping up with housework and also indulging in some me time every now and then by being able to exercise and/or blog whilst he is there and therefore freeing up my evenings.

We had a lovely week with my brother who visited, and even though the week always goes so quickly it was still fab. The boys know that when Uncle Dale comes back then a trip to Soft Play is probably on the agenda and with Charles having a strike day at school we took full advantage and headed to the local centre. We all had fun although I'm pretty sure they don't put air con in places like that so that you don't spend all day there. We were all so hot although when it came time to go home both boys cried.

We had the end of school year celebrations for Charles which included a Sports Day, an Oscars Celebration, a slideshow presentation, and a teddy bears picnic. He has done so well and we couldn't be prouder. I'm quite looking forward to him starting Year 1 and getting stuck into proper full on learning. I think it will be a shock for them all as although they learnt a lot in Reception it was a lovely mixture of learning through play and serious sit down sessions.

The month was finished off quite nicely with a 4 night stay on the boat. A wonderful start to the Summer holidays which for the next two weeks at least is only going to get better and better.

Below are my Living Arrows images for July. I really love being part of the project over on I Heart Snapping and feel that my love of photography has really been ignited a lot the past couple of months and am quite excited by a couple of project plans that are hopefully going to be coming up soon.

How was your July?

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