Our 42 Days of Summer

I can hold my hands up and admit that yes I can be a lazy mum.
Sometimes I would rather spend the day at home than to go out somewhere. And the next day I do the same, and the next, and the next.
When it comes to half term holidays I do the same "we'll go out tomorrow" promise every day, and then never stick to it.

I promised myself that I would make the most of this summer. I wanted to spend more days out than in, and make the boys kind of look forward to a restful day at home. I realised that already being halfway through the summer we have achieved a lot.
We've been to some amazing places, spend time with some special people, and mentally ticked off a lot of items from my summer experiences list.
I really feel that so far the boys have had a fabulous school holiday in terms of days out so I don't want to put too much pressure on myself for the rest of the holidays but still have a couple of things too add.
We've spent a week on the boat, visited friends and went fruit picking and to a beautiful ruin. We visited a steam museum with my family, a visit to the Sea Life Centre and Charles practised tricks on his bike and raced around whilst everyone watched him.

With the weather being nice we really made the most of being able to have picnics where ever we went. Even when it was slightly breezy we would find a sheltered area and enjoy our surroundings.
A food staple in all of our picnics this summer has been BN biscuits. I have been buying these snacks since I first saw them reintroduced into the supermarkets and I find them a real fun addition to a lunchbox or picnic.
Previously I've only bought the chocolate flavour but we were sent the raspberry flavour to try alongside the chocolate. I wasn't a fan but the boys absolutely loved them and surprised me by choosing them over the chocolate!

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